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Cremate or Not to Cremate

To Cremate or Not Cremate?

September 7, 2018

Making arrangements for funerals is an extremely difficult and emotional time. In some cases, loved ones will have pre-arranged funeral services and expressed their final wishes either verbally, or through a will. In other instances, those arranging the funeral will need to choose whether the departed is buried or cremated.

If you are deciding between a cremation or burial for you, or a loved one, here’s what you should take into account:


Generally, cremations are more cost effective for a funeral as the body does not require embalming. You can also choose to bypass using the services of the funeral home by having an unattended cremation which can cut costs. Many people choose this option when they feel a more intimate gathering after a cremation would be more appropriate.

Cultural Beliefs

Some cultural beliefs will allow or prefer one type of service over another, so it’s important to consider this when choosing between a burial or a cremation. Even if the deceased was not currently practicing in their faith, they still may have wanted to respect the beliefs of the religion they were brought up in.

Environmental Factors

Some people choose to have eco-funerals as they consider the environmental impact. Cremations are better for the environment and take up no land space, unlike a burial.

Type of Service

Burial services tend to be more in-depth and larger than a cremation service. Some choose not to have a cremation service at all, instead choosing to have their funeral gathering in their own home or somewhere they want the ashes to be scattered. The positives of this include being in the comfort of home, the flexibility of the service, and the simplicity of the service.


Cremation is sometimes a more viable option when someone has passed overseas away from their family and friends. It allows for easy transport of the departed and gives family and friends a chance to say goodbye without worrying about transporting the remains from overseas. Some people also find that cremation saves the trouble of not being able to visit a burial site that’s far away, allowing them to take the cremation urn wherever they go.

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