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Optional Extras

  • Can’t find a Burial/Cremation Package that meets your exact


NO PROBLEM…. All of our options are flexible.

  • Make additions, subtractions, upgrades and/or substitutions,

to personalise the Funeral Service of your loved one.

  • All prices are inclusive of GST

‘Optional Extras’ are exempt from 10% discount



(Includes 30mins additional viewing time with Cremation Options 5&6 and Burial Options 2&3)

  • Wash, Dress & Preparation – $550
  • Aspiration & Cavity Treatment – $110 (additional to wash, dress & preparation)
  • Partial Embalming (face, neck & hands) – $990 (includes wash, dress & preparation)
  • Full Body Embalming – $1320 (includes wash, dress & preparation)
  • Reparatory/Reconstructive Services – Hourly Rate

*Many factors can affect the condition of a body, and therefore the treatment(s) required, for a peaceful and natural viewing of your loved one.  These factors include, cause of death, length of time between death and cold holding, coroner’s post-mortem, & length of time between death and date of viewing.

Assessment of the body by our mortician is required before an exact quote can be provided.  No mortuary services are commenced without the family’s approval.

Note:- Family can choose to view their loved one without any mortuary services undertaken.  Burial/Cremation Packages that include “wash & dress” are performed by funeral staff.  Appearance of the deceased will be “as is” from time of death and may be confronting.



  • Maximum of 40 photos (Additional photos charged at $6.60ea)
  • Family receive a link with unlimited downloads and sharing options



  • Complimentary for Funeral Services held at any Cemetery Chapels



  • 7 Seater @ $220/hr (3 hr minimum) = $660
  • 10 seater @ $275/hr (3 hr minimum) = $825



  • Bookmarks (double sided, full colour) – $2.20ea ($55 design fee additional on orders under 50)
  • Order of Service Booklets (A4 folded to make 4 pages A5 booklet, full colour) – $3.30ea ($55 design fee additional on orders under 50)



Option 1 Burial/Cremation

  • Cremation/Burial Capsule to Eton/Swan – $880
  • Cremation/Burial Capsule to EnviroBoard Coffin (Eco Option) – $770
  • Cremation/Burial Capsule to Wicker Coffin (Eco Option) – $1210

Option 2 Cremation

  • Pyro Coffin to Eton/Swan Coffin – $770
  • Pyro Coffin to EnviroBoard Coffin (Eco Option) – $660
  • Pyro Coffin to Wicker Coffin (Eco Option) – $1100

Options 3-6 Cremation & Options 2-3 Burial

  • Eton/Swan Coffin to EnviroBoard Coffin (Eco Option) – No Charge
  • Eton/Swan Coffin to Wicker Coffin (Eco Option) – $770
  • More choices available – POA


OVERSIZE COFFIN (add to package price or ‘Coffin Upgrade/Substitute’ price if applicable):

Note:- All packages include a ‘Standard Sized Coffin’ with the following dimensions – 1910 x 540 x 295mm (6ft 3in)

  • 1st Oversize (1980 x 575 x 330mm) – $198 (6ft 5in)
  • 2nd Oversize (1980 x 620 x 355mm) – $297 (6ft 5in)
  • 3rd Oversize (1980 x 700 x 400mm) – $440 (6ft 5in)
  • Custom Size – (when the dimensions of the body exceed 1 or more of the dimensions of the 3rd Oversize coffin) – $POA
    1. Measurements refer to internal dimensions of coffin in millimetres.
    2. The first number is length from head to toe; the second number is width at widest point, i.e. from shoulder to shoulder; the third number is height from back to stomach.
    3. Funeral arranger will advise if an oversize coffin is required on assessment of body.


CHAPEL HIRE (additional to the time allocated in chosen package):

  • Perth Cremations Chapel, Malaga – $165/30mins
  • Cemetery Chapel/Condolence Lounge – $275/30mins



  • Cemetery Chapel/Condolence Lounge – Ordered and paid directly through Celeste Catering.
  • All other venues – Ordered by family from caterer of choice & paid directly.



  • If you have an unusual or unique request, run it by us.  We’re open minded to all ideas, as long as it’s within our power (and legal), and will endeavour to make it a reality.