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What Is an Eco-Friendly Funeral?

Looking for an alternative to traditional funeral services that doesn’t harm the environment or break the bank?

Green funerals are growing in popularity with more people joining the movement to save our planet.

Eco-friendly funerals don’t use the carcinogenic embalming fluids that are traditionally used. And instead of using non-biodegradable materials for caskets (such as steel and cement), we use hand-woven eco-coffins to minimise the carbon footprint you leave behind.

In addition to the coffin, we also recycled paper for event cards and we use eco-friendly funeral flowers.

On top of being environmentally friendly, because of the lack of embalming fluid and non-biodegradable materials, eco-friendly funerals are very cost-effective when compared to a conventional burial (cremation services are also very cost-effective).

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How Does a Natural Burial Differ From
a Conventional Burial?

Curious about the science behind green and conventional burials?

Conventional burials

  • Body preserved by replacing bodily fluids with embalming fluid
  • Body is laid inside a casket and buried inside a burial cement vault in the ground
  • Expensive embalming services, fancy caskets, and cement vaults add to the cost of the burial which and can easily reach up to $10,000.

Natural burial

  • Does not use embalming fluids. Instead, the body is allowed to naturally decompose into the ground.
  • We use hand-woven eco-coffins to wrap the body before it is placed in a natural burial cemetery.
  • Both the body and the coffin can decompose naturally
  • No burial vault is used as cement and steel do not decompose
  • Cheaper materials than a conventional burial

Worried about animals or pests disturbing the body of your loved one?

Our natural burial grounds use a pesticide-free, integrated pest management system that is implemented to prevent any animals from disturbing their body. To keep it safe for the environment, no toxic chemicals are used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • lthough relatively new, green burial cemeteries are becoming more readily available. A green cemetery is a place that follows established guidelines set by the Green Burial Council. There are three types of burial grounds:

    Hybrid Burial Grounds - where they allow burials without a vault
    Natural Burial Grounds - where containers must be made of biodegradable materials
    Conservation Burial Grounds - which has the strictest of standards compared to the other two.

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  • If you choose to go green, get in touch with our team to start planning today.

    We can work together to find the best options for the funeral. We can organise a hand-woven eco-coffin that can reduce carbon emissions by up to 50-percent compared to traditional ones.

    On top of organising how you want the burial to take place, we can also work together to organise where you want it to occur. There are different types of green burial grounds so it’s best to familiarize yourself before deciding.

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