At Enviro Funerals we guarantee your Funeral or that of your loved one will be Carbon Neutral. If you choose to use our service we purchase carbon credits on your behalf to ensure every funeral leaves no carbon footprint.

We are accredited with the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS)

In order to keep our accreditation we must do the following;

  • Calculate and reduce our footprint to comply with carbon neutral protocols
  • Set up a reporting system to monitor our carbon footprint on a yearly basis
  • Provide a public disclosure statement to provide transparency for our suppliers and customers.
  • We purchase offsets to ‘balance out’ our carbon footprint which delivers lasting benefits to communities and the environment.

Worldwide in excess of 50,000,000 people pass away each year. Traditional burial and cremation practices can have significant negative environmental impact, however, one way to lessen the impact is to have a green funeral.

If yourself or your dearly departed loved one were constantly conscious and aware of the impact of humans on this beautiful place we all live and share, then a green funeral is the perfect way to say goodbye.

Having a green funeral is becoming increasingly important for the many people who live their lives in a more conservative manner. Today, people not only want to live greener lives, they now also want to be environmentally sensitive when they leave this world too.

At Enviro funerals we support your environmental views and we will show you how you can leave a neutral carbon footprint behind and help reduce the impact of the funeral on the environment.

We also have a large range of environmentally friendly coffins on hand. These coffins are ethically sourced and are made from completely natural materials. We offer a range of hand-woven eco-coffins which offer a beautiful, distinctive and unique alternative at a very affordable price.

A green funeral produces fewer carbon emissions by using:

  • Ethically sourced hand-woven Eco-coffins.
  • Recycled paper– for attendance cards, programs or hymn sheets.
  • No Embalming– as it is a substance with a toxic presence.
  • Leave a living marker – Natural or living memorials can be wonderful alternatives to quarried stone. Consider planting a tree that will carry on in honour of the deceased.
  • No Flowers – Instead ask that a donation be left behind to a charity which supports the way you have lived by helping to create a better world for the living or flowers can be sourced from organic growers.
  • By purchasing carbon credits to make your funeral carbon neutral.

Call us today and one our friendly Funeral Directors will assist you in arranging a funeral service which will limit the impact on our environment wherever possible.

If we can be of any further assistance then please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 33 1990 / 0432 931 850