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Perth Funeral Services

Are you ready to celebrate the life of your loved one?

At Perth Cremations we offer traditional funeral services along with cremations, pre-paid funerals, environmentally friendly funerals, and memorial services in Perth. Contact Us Today.

Our funeral directors can guide your service and ensure your loved ones can be respectfully commemorated. This is a stressful moment, so we guide you through the process and make the financials easier for you as well.

To keep costs low for you, we keep our own overhead low. This means we are able to provide you with coffins, flowers, and more — without the 300% markups.

We can also give you a comfortable experience without the unnecessary up-sells from salesmen trying to hit targets.

Ultimately, we save you on average $3,000 to $5,000.

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Things To Do Before Organising The Funeral

Before making any funeral arrangements, it’s important to check if the deceased had already made plans for their funeral.

This could have been documented during a pre-paid funeral, or written elsewhere.

After this has been checked, you should go on to decide what type of service you want (e.g., traditional funeral service, memorial, cremation, enviro-funeral etc). Once this is chosen, you should decide on a funeral service provider that offers this and then begin organising the rest.

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Why Choose Us

  • Lowest prices guaranteed
  • Family owned and operated
  • Honest pricing with zero add-ons
  • Voted #1 in quality
  • Full funeral packages
  • $3, 000 – $5,000 cheaper than our competitors

Our Promise To You – Our Funeral Packages are the most comprehensive in the industry and include Premium products & Service Providers. In almost 5 years, we have not had a comparable written quote presented to us that was better priced. Will you be the first to claim our 10% Price Beat Guarantee?

Other Funeral Services Offered

Not looking for a traditional funeral service? Have a look at our other offerings.

Enviro Funerals

Leave no carbon footprint and celebrate the life of a loved one the way they would have wanted.

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Pre-paid Funerals

The ultimate peace of mind. When you’ve taken care of the finances you can focus fully on celebrating a life lived.

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The simple and stylish way to say goodbye to a loved one. Customise the cremation your way.

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Memorial Services

Saying goodbye is always hard. Allow us to provide the support you need and remove any excess stress or uncertainty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In many aspects, a memorial service is similar to a funeral service.

    People gather around to participate in religious traditions and share stories of how the deceased has touched their lives. The main difference is that at a funeral service, the body of the deceased is present in an open casket or a closed one.

    But in a memorial service there is no body present because it is held after the body has been buried or cremated.

  • Most funeral services last around an hour. But this depends on the religion of the deceased and the plans made by the family.

    The funeral director will conduct the service. Extra details may be handed out on paper, with the order of eulogies and events.

    For more details about funeral services inclusions, click here to check out our packages.

  • Unlike standard funerals, only the invitees may attend and during specific times only.

    This may be due to several reasons. For example, it can make the financials easier to manage or because the deceased had planned for this.

    Overall, these are done to respect the deceased.

  • Two common alternatives include eco-friendly funerals and choosing a non-traditional location.

    Both are cheaper than typical funeral services and may even be preferred in some situations.

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