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Cantonese Funerals

Dignified Ethnic Cantonese Funerals in Perth

We know that tradition is important in Asian cultures so our compassionate experts will help you plan a service that honours your loved one in the best possible way.

Bespoke Funerals in Cantonese

We specialise in customised funeral services for the Chinese community. Our team of experienced multilingual staff and funeral directors are able to respectfully accommodate the cultural requirements of Chinese communities in and around Perth. We respect all cultural traditions and religions including Buddhist, Taoist, Catholic and Christian to ensure the perfect farewell for your loved one.

Highly Experienced in Cantonese Chinese Funeral Customs

We are committed to ensuring the customs and wishes of the family are upheld in the highest manner adhering to religious traditions. Burial of the dead is of utmost importance to the Chinese people and we work with the family to ensure the burial is done in accordance with all cultural requirements. In keeping with all Chinese customs, we understand the viewing of the loved one is important and a major part of the service. We have access to an extensive range of local and imported coffins that are very popular amongst Chinese families for viewing purposes.

Planning a Chinese Funeral

If you are seeking to plan a funeral that will honour your family traditions and the wishes of your loved one, we are here to help. Familiar with Cantonese funeral traditions, we can assist you in planning a fitting tribute for your loved one. Our speciality is honouring family customs while adding personal details where appropriate. From selecting appropriate flowers to setting up an extended visitation, our highly experienced team will ensure every detail is handled with care and respect.

Perth’s Multi-Cultural Ethnic Funeral Specialists

We have many years of experience with Cantonese, Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic, Mandarin, Ethnic and Aboriginal funeral rites and rituals. Our team fit in well in all cultural settings and are here to simply serve you the way that best fits your family. Offering the most affordable funeral packages and services in Perth without compromising on quality, choose Perth Burials & Cremations to create the farewell your loved one deserves. For more information on our Chinese funeral services in Perth please call 1800 823 669 or contact us online.