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What Is a Pre-Paid Funeral?

Do you want to leave your family with the financial burden of paying for your funeral?

Like most things, the cost of funeral services and cremations are increasing yearly. This is because of the increased costs of labour and materials. When your time comes, do you want your family to be burdened by an expensive funeral?

Pre-paid funeral services were created for this very reason.

By paying in advance for your funeral (or somebody else’s), you pay the current rate with no extra costs or hidden extras. This means, you’re saving money by paying the current rate (before inflation) and also taking the burden off your family.

On top of the financials being handled, you get to plan ahead the specifics of the service. This means you get to choose the type of ceremony, location, budget, and more.

A loss of a family member or loved one is one of the hardest experiences anyone will have to go through in life. By getting a pre-paid funeral service, you make sure everything has been taken care of so you and your family can have peace of mind.

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Pre-Paid Funeral or Life Insurance?

Not sure if you should get a pre-paid funeral or life insurance?

Pre-paid funerals vs life insurance

While both are designed to help cover the costs of funeral expenses in the event of death, a pre-paid funeral differs from life insurance in terms of how the money is used.

A life insurance policy is more flexible. They work by paying a lump sum directly to the beneficiary (usually partner and children). It is up to them to then organise the funeral and other expenses.

Unfortunately, this can be an added burden to your family as they will need to make stressful decisions during this difficult time.

A pre-paid funeral plan is easier on your family. Funeral arrangements and all the necessary details have already been decided when the plan was purchased. Your family won’t need to worry about setting budgets, figuring out what you would have wanted and planning out the whole funeral.

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What Is the Process for a Pre-Paid Funeral?

  • 1Get in touch with our licenced funeral directors
  • 2Organise the funeral and we will document the plan
  • 3Sign a contract and pay today’s prices
  • 3Have zero worries about leaving your family with the financial burden of funerals

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you’re in the process of grieving, the last thing you want to worry about is financials.

    Funerals aren’t cheap and the costs are rising. But by having a solid plan in place, you can make the process as easy for your family as possible. Pre-planning a funeral frees your family or loved ones from this unnecessary stress and financial burden.

  • Not as often as they should.

    People talk about investment strategies to make their money grow, or investing in educational insurance for their growing number of children -- but never about investing in a funeral insurance plan.

    While it is uncomfortable, the fact is that this is an inevitability and we have a responsibility to our family to make sure they are financially prepared when the time comes.

    Start planning today.