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Why Have Funerals Become so Expensive These Days?

August 14, 2018

The rising costs of funerals can put pressure on families of the departed. Those who are left to pay for the funeral have to come up with thousands of dollars in a short space of time. Funerals have become more expensive over the years, with average funeral and burial costs today being almost $7,400. Here’s why, and how you can avoid paying more than needed.

Funeral Industry Price Regulation

In Australia, the funeral industry is mostly self-regulated when it comes to setting prices. In some states, such as NSW, funeral directors are regulated for their services with basic products mandatory in the service they provide. However, with no regulation on price, funeral homes are free to mark-up their products and charge as high as they like. The biggest mark-ups are on coffins, which can drive up the cost of a funeral by up to 30%.

Hidden Extras

While it’s heartbreaking to hear, some funeral directors use hidden extras to increase the overall price of a funeral, which can be difficult for loved ones who want to give the deceased the send-off they truly deserve. Hidden extras can include flowers, death notices, catering, music, casket upgrades and more.

The Funeral Director

The funeral director is one of the biggest expenses you will experience when arranging a funeral. Many people are opting for a quality funeral director to take the stress out of organising a funeral while they deal with their grief. There’s still a general assumption that the more you pay, the better your funeral director will be. This can mean you’re paying more for a funeral when you could be getting the exact same service at a lower price.

How Can You Keep the Cost of a Funeral Manageable

Many people feel tempted to pay more for a person’s funeral than they need. While this is important to give them the service they deserve, it’s equally important to do this without putting yourself under financial strain. Many people opt for direct cremations followed by a wake at home, or scattering of the ashes at a particular location.

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