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Funeral Cremations and Burials

The Difference between a Burial and a Cremation: Which Funeral Service Should You Choose?

November 30, 2022

Arranging a funeral service can seem overwhelming, with so many choices to be made. Whether you’re organising a service for a loved one or are choosing your own arrangements for a pre-paid funeral, the most crucial decision is whether to have a burial or cremation.

The continued growth in the popularity of Perth cremations shows not everyone is set on a traditional burial, but what are the main pros and cons of both options? And which one suits your beliefs, preferences, and budget?

What a Perth burial service involves

Most burial services are traditional affairs, organised to a strict schedule of events for the grieving populace to attend. Typical funeral services might include a wake, a church service, and a burial followed by a reception.

There are many possible variations for a burial service, from location to personal means of memorialisation, and this structured timeline gives reassurance to many people.

However, burials take place quickly which can leave some families struggling to prepare in time for the last goodbye although experienced funeral homes can take care of most of the practical arrangements. Having a cemetery to visit your lost loved ones is so comforting to some, while others prefer less traditional means of grieving.

Inclusive burial packages

Experienced funeral homes like Perth Cremations and Burials offer a range of burial packages, each customisable to suit specific requirements. The Formal Graveside Service option would include a coffin, funeral notice, burial, graveside service with rose petals, music and more, all with help from a knowledgeable Funeral Arranger.

The process of Perth cremations

Many people are choosing to be cremated for a wide range of benefits, including eco-friendliness, affordability, accessibility, and the surrounding flexible options. A direct cremation enables you to plan a fully customised service later at the time of your choosing, creating a flexible timeline to suit everyone or allowing families to travel from far away.


Unlike traditional burials, a cremation provides multiple options for disposition. Whether you want ashes to be scattered, placed in a crematorium, or shared amongst friends in keepsake urns, the resting place is your decision.

Comprehensive cremation packages

Choose an all-inclusive cremation package to suit your needs, and allow an experienced funeral home to take the stress out of service arrangements. The Deluxe Chapel Attendance with formal service for example includes a meeting with the Funeral Director, a coffin, cremation permit and fee, chapel hire, and meaningful details for the service like attendance cards and rosemary sprigs.

A wide range of transparent, tailored services

Working with a trusted and empathetic funeral home can be a vastly helpful decision during the tough process of funeral arrangements. A knowledgeable funeral director in perth can organise a customised service for a Perth burial or cremation, including chapel hire and enviro funerals, the ideal coffin and perfect flowers, or the right pre-paid funeral to ease the burden on your family.

Respectful care with Perth Cremations and Burials

The caring team at Perth Cremations and Burials place vast importance on providing each valued customer with transparent and empathetic services. Offering a wide range of customisable packages for Perth burials and funerals, each inclusive option has a 10% discount when paid by the date of the service.


Browse the selection of cremation and burial packages online now, or get in touch today with any queries.

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