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Discuss your funeral plans with family in Perth

How to discuss your funeral plans with family

October 27, 2022

It’s one of the most important conversations you’ll likely have in your life. Speaking to your family members and close friends about your wishes for funeral arrangements holds a lot of competence for both parties involved, but too many of us avoid the tough discussions.

Whether you wish to clarify the funeral plans of an older family member or wish to let your children know your wishes, discussing funeral services in Perth is something everyone should do to prevent a heavy burden on loved ones later in life.

Discover a few simple ways to make this vital conversation easier, and how the empathetic team at Perth Cremations and Burials can help.

Key tips for talking about funeral services in Perth

It may feel awkward to instigate a conversation about coffins or funeral homes in Perth, but the reality is almost everyone has a strong opinion about how they wish their funeral service to be carried out. Once you broach the matter the chat will likely be a welcome one, but if it feels too difficult try reaching out to an experienced funeral director in Perth for support.


Those deep and meaningful discussions with loved ones are only successful when everyone is heard. While you may have your own opinion on whether burials or cremations in Perth are the better option, focus on listening carefully to their ideas, stories, thoughts, and concerns.

If you’re having trouble getting the clear answers you need to arrange someone’s funeral plans, try asking open-ended questions rather than yes or no choices.

Create an open dialogue

It’s tricky to clarify each detail of funeral arrangements in one sitting. Many people tend to hone in on one area, such as flowers or urn choice, so keep the conversation going over time to make everyone feel comfortable and get to the heart of all important areas.

Be sure to check in with your loved one that they are still comfortable with their decisions, and let them know you can change their wishes if they want; from choice of coffins to funeral homes in Perth.

Provide context

If you feel shy about bringing up certain topics or your family member is struggling to make decisions, discussing funeral experiences or remembrance ceremonies can be a good way to ease the planning process. Focus on having an open and honest conversation, and memories may uncover a key element to include in their memorialisation plans.

Discuss pre-planned funerals

One of the best ways to make sure the funeral plans of you or a loved one are carried out to the letter is through a pre-paid funeral. Having a complete record of each wish, whether it be a green enviro funeral or a special location for the service, arranging a pre-planned funeral takes care of all the details, as well the cost.

Working with knowledgeable Perth funeral directors to create your perfect funeral plan ahead of time saves your loved ones from this burden during a tough grieving period, both mentally and financially.

Empathetic help from experienced Perth funeral directors

Perth Cremations and Burials provide specialised funeral services in Perth to suit a broad range of wishes and requests. Operating to a code of Transparency, Integrity and Excellence, our funeral directors in Perth place great emphasis on following

Learn more about packages for burials and cremations in Perth, or get in touch today to discuss arranging a pre-planned funeral.


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