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Are Prepaid Funerals A Good Idea?

December 30, 2022

Ignoring an inevitability won’t stop it from happening. Death is a sure part of life, and facing these facts can oftentimes help relieve the stress surrounding the loss of a loved one.

Whenever a family or friend passes away there will always be shock, grief, and heartache – whether it was a sudden death or not – and one way to lighten this burden is by arranging a prepaid funeral that covers the costs and lays out the details of your desired funeral plans.

If you’re looking into prepaid funerals but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea, this article explains all you need to know about the practicalities and benefits of prepaid services from a reputable funeral home.

What do prepaid funerals involve?

In the past, funeral planning was often left to close family members or friends of the deceased after passing. Even if money was left for cremation or funeral plans, inflation and poor planning often leave relatives out of pocket from burials or church services.

Prepaid funerals in Perth enable you to pay for your funeral service ahead of time, relieving loved ones of the burden while ensuring all your wishes will be met once you’ve moved on from this earth.

With so many options for prepaid funerals, from locations and budgets to flowers and urns, it simply makes sense to pre-arrange these details just like you would arrange a will.

The many advantages of pre planning a funeral

Prepaid funerals can be purchased for yourself or others, making them a generous and thoughtful final parting gift either directly or indirectly for your loved ones. Rather than consider pre-planning a morbid event, recognise it as an empowering and practical way to face death head-on and leave behind a respectful legacy.

  • You have the final say: minimise disagreements, interferences, or uncertainty with a fully-planned prepaid funeral that meets your specific wishes
  • Loved ones can grieve: removing the burden of funeral planning from loved ones after death is a thoughtful gift, letting them mourn and heal in peace
  • Cover funeral costs: finances can cause great stress at the best of times, so ensuring your family aren’t left with the financial costs of your memorial is highly rational
  • Economic convenience: prepaid funerals can be paid in one lump sum or multiple payments, making this an accessible cost that skips inevitable inflation over time
  • No health checks: there are no limitations to prepaid funerals, unlike health insurance that includes medical checks
  • Exempt from asset evaluation: prepaid funerals don’t affect pension, retirement, or your assets
  • Choose your final resting place: deciding where we end up after life is a personal choice, and prepaid funerals allow you to confirm your desired burial plot, crematorium, or location to scatter ashes ahead of time

Gain peace of mind with custom prepaid funerals in Perth

Perth Cremations and Burials are proud to help many people gain peace of mind with prepaid funerals. With an ethos of excellence, integrity, and transparency, each valued client received superior customer service and support when selecting their ideal funeral service.

Contact the friendly team at Perth Cremations and Burials for a free quote on prepaid funerals, or to discuss the wide range of available cremation and burial packages.

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