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Communicate During Family Loss - Funeral service

How to get through the grieving process

September 21, 2021

When someone you love passes away, it’s never easy to process. Regardless of which stage of life your loved one was at – and whether it was an unexpected happening or not – accepting the deeply-felt loss can be a difficult road to travel.

The emotional responses people have to loss can be widely varying, and continual research is being done on the most productive ways to process and handle grief. Having a communal moment to mourn the loss of someone through heartfelt funeral services Perth, is a key way to gain acceptance and lean into the grieving process. This guide offers advice on managing the pain of losing a loved one.

How grief can affect you

Everyone has different emotional responses to upsetting events, and mourning someone’s passing is no different. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but recognising and understanding your body’s physical and emotional responses to loss can help you to better process your emotions.


From anger and denial to sadness, guilt, and loneliness, there is a wide range of typical emotional responses to loss. Physical reactions can accompany these feelings, such as difficulty sleeping, headaches, dizziness, and sore throats. Many people also have philosophical quandaries after attending heartfelt Perth cremations and funerals, but these are all normal symptoms of grief.

Understanding grieving

In order to get through the grieving process, it’s important to first understand grieving in others. There’s no need to feel responsible or try to cheer them up; rather, be open to speaking about the person who has died and allow the person to feel their emotions. This affirms the reality of the bereaved parties feelings, rather than negating their sadness.


Acquiring the services of an experienced funeral director in Perth can be a truly rewarding step for everyone involved in the grieving process, as a calm and empathetic service is an important step to accepting what has happened and beginning to deal with the grief. 

Caring for others

Knowing how to care for others dealing with loss can help you to communicate what you need, should the time come. The grieving process is not linear, and the journey is different for everyone, but no one person can handle it alone. Being there for someone in a practical sense, as a listening ear or helping shop for groceries, can be the gentle support system they need after cremations in Perth


Acceptance comes day by day, and working through grief over time requires open discussion of emotions, including with children. Being there for the bereaved during birthdays or certain holidays can mean a lot, and don’t feel disheartened or rejected if your offers of help are sometimes ignored.

Perth Cremations and Burials

There are many stages of grief, and acknowledging the physical and emotional responses is key to acceptance and growth after a loss. Working with practised Perth funeral directors is an important step in holding meaningful funeral services in Perth, to ensure the bereaved have a worthwhile sense of shared emotion and grief.

Should you have any queries about our services as experienced funeral homes in Perth, or for more information on burial or cremation packages, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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