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Image showcasing the services offered by Perth Cremations for organizing a pagan memorial service. The image includes a serene outdoor setting with a burial site adorned with wreaths of local flowers, small statues of pagan deities, candles encircling the site, and offerings of seasonal fruits and vegetables. The services provided aim to create a beautiful and authentic tribute to honor the memory of your loved one aligned with their pagan beliefs

Organizing a Memorial Service for a Pagan Family Member

July 22, 2021

The loss of a loved one can be exceptionally challenging to bear. But one way to honour their memory is to organize a funeral memorial service that is aligned with their spiritual beliefs.


If your loved one considered themselves a pagan, you can host a beautiful memorial service that celebrates nature and the wonders of the Earth.


At Perth Cremations, we can help you organize a memorial service according to your bespoke needs and requirements. Feel free to speak to us today to discuss your options.


What is paganism?


Paganism is a branch of spirituality that does not pertain to any specific religion. Instead, practitioners of paganism consider Mother Nature and the elements to be a form of divinity and focus on nature worship.


If your loved one considered themselves a pagan, you can give them a loving Pagan funeral memorial service that is aligned with pagan natural practices.


Tips to organize a pagan memorial service for your loved one


Different branches of paganism – such as Shamanism, Druidry, Wicca etc. – have different ceremonies prescribed for funerals. But one commonality between them all is the celebration of nature. When you’re planning a memorial service for a Pagan family member, consider doing the following:


1. Have wreaths made of local indigenous flowers and plants

 Pagan practitioners celebrate the bounty of the land they live on. Having funeral wreaths made of local, indigenous flora is a great way to celebrate the beliefs of your loved one. You can check the symbolism of different local flowers online to infuse specific significance into the memorial service. For example, Irises for honour and respect.


2. Bring small statues of their matron/patron deities to the memorial service


Some pagans do worship deities – either Christian deities or gods & goddesses from another culture. If your loved one had a matron or patron deity, you can honour their beliefs by bringing the statues of the deity to the service and placing them next to the burial site. You can even keep these statutes on the burial site for a few more months.


3. Read poems on nature instead of religious verses


Poems on nature are one of the best offerings you can give to a Pagan loved one during their memorial service. Poems such as “Rain Light” by W.S. Merwin, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost, “I Thank You God for Most This Amazing” by E.E. Cummings and “The Grasses” by Rumi are a few choices you can consider.


4. Encircle the burial site with candles


Many spiritual practitioners use candles in their practice. Candles represent the steadiness and brightness of the soul, and they represent divine light. A beautiful way to showcase your love for your family member is to light white candles around the burial site. White represents the purity of intention and renewal.


5. Light incense, sage and myrrh


Incense, sage and myrrh are herbs that are believed to have the power to remove negative energies. They infuse the air with positivity and power. Additionally, many Pagan rituals use incense as an offering to the divine. Lighting incense, sage and myrrh during the memorial service can be a wonderful way to help your loved one’s spirit connect with their matron/patron deity.


6. Place your local, seasonal fruits and vegetables as offerings on their gravesite


Just as with local flowers, indigenous and seasonal vegetables and fruits can make wonderful burial site offerings. This is a way to celebrate your loved one’s spiritual beliefs and also give back to the local community. 


7. Consider burying them with their sacred altar tools or books


If your loved one had any sacred spiritual tools and/or books, you can consider burying them with them. While not all pagans use altar tools, some may use crystals, deity statutes, divination decks, chalice, spiritual books, etc.


At Perth Cremations, we understand the importance of honouring your loved one’s spiritual beliefs and wishes. We will help you organize a funeral memorial service that helps you celebrate their memory in the most beautiful, loving and authentic way possible. Contact us to speak to one of our memorial service directors today.

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