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Why are Burials usually more expensive than Cremations?

March 3, 2018

Burials and cremations are the two funeral packages that people most often purchase. In this article, we will explore why burials are usually more expensive than cremations.

Products Involved

First, we will breakdown and compare the internal costs of the two different packages.


Burials are no doubt more expensive than cremations, but why? The cost comes down to several factors.

One of the major costs is the cost of the funeral director’s professional services for a graveside funeral. Although it is possible to choose to have an unattended burial option, many choose to go with attended because it helps them receive closure and begin healing. The professional service differs from company to company, but the national average, as provided by Gathered Here, is $3500.

The other major cost differing from a cremation package is the need for a casket or coffin, and it is this cost which makes burials expensive.

Coffin prices vary from $300 to $10 000, with more expensive options also being available.


The cremation package tends to cost significantly less because it does not require all these products. Instead, the main cost of the cremation is the casket, if wanted, or the urn.

Cemetery Fees

There are many different parts to a burial, and some of them involve external factors which increase the price. One of those factors is the cemetery in which the deceased will be buried.

Burial Plot

The burial plot is the piece of land in which the deceased will be buried. As our population increases and more and more people require burial plots, the amount of available burial plots decreases. We also must take into account that many available burial plots are pre-purchased, either by individuals or family groups.

Thus, the cost of a burial plot increases. Currently, they range anywhere from $4000 to $40 000, with plots in some areas costing less and some costing more.


A burial plot is not complete without a headstone, the prices of which vary from $2000 to $4500.


This is one key reason why burials are more expensive than cremations. The cremation does not have any need for a burial plot or a headstone, as the ashes can be kept in the urn or respectfully buried or placed elsewhere.

Although there are places which charge for the spreading of ashes, they are rare and not essential to the actual cremation.


Overall, considering that a burial has many more elements (such as a burial plot, headstone, grave liner, ceremony) than a cremation, it is unsurprising that burials are often more expensive than cremations.

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