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Compulsory Cemetery Charges for Cremations and Burials

Compulsory Cemetery Charges for Cremations and Burials

February 3, 2018

In both the funeral process of cremating and burials, lie compulsory cemetery charges. In this article, we will explore each of these.

Funeral Director

The funeral director’s professional service fee is a compulsory charge when going with most types of funeral services – especially if you choose to have an attended funeral.

What does it involve?

This fee involves the things that are necessary for the funeral, such as the transfer of the deceased from place to place; discussions with the relatives; registration of death and death certificates; as well as the less formal aspects of cremations and burials, such as planning with the florist, venue, celebrant and other involved people.

That aspect of the fee is compulsory. However, many funeral directors also offer non-compulsory options. These include hiring musicians; venue fees; catering; as well as hiring and arranging cars to pick up the family on the day of the wake or funeral.


When organising a burial, there are compulsory fees which cannot be avoided.

Right of Interment

When a burial plot is purchased from a cemetery in Perth, customers are not purchasing the right to the land but rather the right to be buried within it. This is a compulsory purchase during the burial process.

Interment Fee

Not to be confused with the Right to Interment, the Interment Fee refers to the fee for managing the grave. This involves opening and closing it, as well as general administration and management. Interment fees can range from $1500 to $3000, depending on the cemetery.

Grave Liners

In Australia, almost all cemeteries require the installation of a grave liner, which costs approximately $500 to $1000. This stops the soil in the grave from collapsing inward after a period.


As the cremation does not necessarily have to result in a cemetery – although some choose to purchase a plot of land so that they can erect a headstone – there are no compulsory cemetery charges involved.

However, cremation involves paying crematorium fees. These differ from crematorium to crematorium but range from $1500 to $2900 (all inclusive).

For both packages, there are regulations which must be followed.


As mentioned above, burials must have a grave liner.

In terms of coffins, there are no regulations pertaining to coffins except that they have a securely fastened lid.


Although there are exceptions, when cremating a loved one, only one loved one can be cremated at a time.

How Can We Help?

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