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Prepaying Your Funeral

Removing the Burden On Loved Ones – Prepaying Your Funeral

May 30, 2019

Life is expensive, and it doesn’t it end once you pass away. If you want to remove the burden on loved ones and avoid leaving behind a large funeral bill for others to take care of when the time comes, then it makes sense to pre-plan and pre-pay your funeral expenses. Not only will it relieve your loved ones of added emotional stress, it will save you money as your funeral costs will be locked in at today’s prices, and it will allow you to plan exactly how you want things done.

What Is a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Quite simply, a prepaid funeral plan is a strategy which lays out the steps and pays for all the costs associated with your funeral, this could include the casket, burial or cremation, service, location, obituary information and headstone. Prepaying your funeral means everything is taken care of in advance. By doing this, your family and loved ones will not be left with any financial burden or unnecessary stress of difficult decisions. The average funeral cost in Australia is around $7500, but the actual cost will be dependent on many factors so it’s a wise decision to plan everything out while you are still alive and well, even though it’s a difficult task to consider your own mortality.

Benefits of Prepaying Your Funeral

You choose what you want – Control of the funeral arrangements is totally with you. You can customise your farewell and ensure everything is done your way, from the service to casket, flowers, venue and catering, you can ensure every aspect is handled the way you want.
Costs will remain the same – By choosing a prepaid funeral plan, all prices will be fixed in today’s dollars even though your funeral may not be for many years to come. This means you avoid inflation and ensure there will be no additional costs or premiums left for your family to pay. You can also choose a payment plan or other payment options so instalments can be made over time.

Remove stress from your family – A prepaid funeral will mean your family and friends won’t have to deal with arrangement details or financial concerns. At an already stressful time when they are faced with the grief of losing their loved one, your family will not have any added pressure or anxiety to deal with, all details will have been taken care of by you.
No need for extensive paperwork or health checks – Unlike funeral insurance, the process is simple. Your local funeral director can help walk you through an easy guide to preplanning and prepaying your arrangements.

Centrelink exemption – A prepaid funeral is also exempt from the Centrelink assets test so it may help you qualify for a pension or part pension.
If you can plan and pay for all of the details connected to your funeral, you will save your family a lot of additional grief and unneeded anxiety. A prepaid funeral is a smart way to ensure peace of mind for all. It’s your funeral and if all planned and paid, your loved ones will be glad that they’re fulfilling your last wishes and be grateful they are not left with the burden covering the funeral costs.

Need more advice? Our experienced and compassionate staff at Perth Cremations are here to help guide you through the process of planning your prepaid funeral. Contact us today to find out more about our prepaid funeral plans and packages.

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