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Prepaid funeral plans: Planning ahead vs ‘just waiting until later’

August 3, 2022

One of life’s guarantees is that each one of us will someday pass away. Rather than let our inevitable farewell become a point of stress or anxiety, planning ahead through prepaid Perth cremations or funerals means regaining control through cost-effective means.

Prepaid funeral plans have grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. As the cost of living continues to rise, it makes economic sense to pay in advance and safeguard your family from the financial hardship of expensive upfront funeral payments.

Lets not stick our heads in the sand any longer; read on to learn how to save money by prepaying your funeral, and arrange the send-off you deserve.

What is a prepaid funeral in Perth?

Pre-paying for a funeral means covering costs at the current rate pre-inflation – with no hidden extras or additional costs – avoiding the yearly rising prices of cremations and burials due to the growing costs of materials and labour.

The key advantage to a prepaid funeral in Perth is the peace of mind gained by knowing your family won’t have the heavy burden of payments once the time comes. Opting for a prepaid funeral in Perth is, therefore, extremely empowering, enabling you to remove some of the emotional burden felt by those required to make service arrangements while already grieving the loss of a loved one.

The power of planning ahead

Deciding to leave your funeral arrangements to family or friends not only leaves them with a heavy financial burden, but means you won’t get the send-off you desire. Prepayment means you can select all specifics ahead of time, from location and venue, to budget and flower arrangements.

Life has a habit of getting in the way, so deciding to plan your funeral now ensures you get to call the shots and plan a memorial befitting your personal life experiences and core values; be it a traditional funeral service or family BBQ in the local park.

Arranging prepaid Perth cremations or funerals

No one wants their family to be burdened with exorbitant costs in the future, especially when no warning is needed to prepare for heavy upfront funeral home payments. The experienced team at Perth Cremations and Burials can help plan and arrange the service you desire, making sure each wish is met even after you’re gone.

Arranging a prepaid funeral in Perth is incredibly straightforward. Unlike funeral insurance, there are no ongoing costs once your personalised quote has been paid, with each pre-payment securely protected until the time comes.

Simply direct your family members via funeral instructions to contact Perth Cremations and Burials, and both parties can follow your detailed instructions for celebrating a life well lived.

A trusted provider of a prepaid funerals in Perth

The experienced team at Perth Cremations and Burials understand that losing a loved one is a tough experience to go through. That’s why each pre-paid funeral and cremation service is catered to with the utmost integrity and transparency, with a core goal to continuously exceed the expectation of each valued client.

Contact us today with any queries around a pre-paid funeral plan here in WA, or request a free no obligation quote now.

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