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10 things some funeral homes will hide from you

10 things some funeral homes will hide from you

August 25, 2022

Working with an empathetic funeral home can be a huge help when a loved one passes away. Each knowledgeable funeral director at Perth Cremations and Burials has a focus on acting with transparency, integrity, and excellence, but unfortunately, not all funeral homes in Perth operate to the same standards. 

There is a lot of advice floating around about planning a funeral, and while many funeral directors do try to be helpful, there can be important information withheld unless specifically requested. 

Using our extensive experience, here are Perth Cremation and Burials’ top 10 pieces of helpful information that unscrupulous funeral homes may not tell you. 

1. Pre-planned funerals are a great investment; just be careful about paying upfront

Pre-planning your funeral gives you, and your family peace of mind, but certain pre-payment schemes contain hidden fees, so be sure to read the fine print. 

2. Purchasing urns or caskets online is more cost-effective

Online purchases are almost always cheaper than the same products found at funeral homes in Perth, so don’t let a pushy funeral director in Perth convince you otherwise.

3. It’s possible to rent caskets and urns for the service

If you need to purchase an affordable casket or urn online but it won’t arrive on time, it’s often possible to rent a temporary one for Perth cremation or funeral services.

4. Cheaper items may be hidden out of sight

Remember, many providers of funeral services in Perth focus on operating as a business and will try to sell you expensive items – don’t be afraid to ask about more affordable options.

5. Perth cremations don’t require a costly urn

If money is a real issue, or you’re saving up to buy the perfect urn for your loved one, there are alternative containers like cardboard available for cremations in Perth.

6. Detailed price lists can be requested from Perth funeral directors

Providers of funeral services in Perth are required to provide itemised lists of costs upon request, so be sure to carry out thorough research.

7. Almost all additional services and products are optional

While packages for funerals and cremations in Perth can be hugely advantageous by supplying all required elements (and sometimes an added discount), don’t feel pressured to pay for services you don’t need.

8. Beware of misleading terminology when planning funeral services in Perth

While the majority of Perth funeral directors are honest, some funeral homes will try to upsell products by implying ‘traditional’ services are needed or certain urns are ‘temporary’ rather than permanent.

9. You can bring a friend when speaking to a funeral director in Perth

Planning Perth cremations or funerals is an emotional time, so bringing a friend for support or clear-headed advice is a great tip.

10. Supportive funeral homes in Perth will provide custom options 

Whether you want an eco-friendly burial or a culturally traditional service, helpful funeral providers like Perth Cremations and Burials will work hard to cater to your needs.

Choose empathetic Perth funeral directors

Perth Cremations and Burials retain a high standard of excellence and honesty, aiming to support each grieving family as best they can.


Review our range of packages for funerals and cremations in Perth online now, or get in tocuh today to speak to a helpful team member.

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