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How to decide between a cremation or burial

March 9, 2022

Each life lived is a beautiful story of love and experience. To sufficiently honour someone’s memory, it’s important to create a suitable send-off – be it via burial or cremations in Perth –  where the physical body is laid to rest in a meaningful way.


Choosing between Perth cremations or burials can be a confusing decision, with both offering pros and cons for the deceased and their loved ones. As well as working with empathetic Perth funeral directors, it’s important to educate yourself on each option to make the best decision.

Personal funeral services Perth

There are multiple key differences to consider between cremations and burials – from religious and environmental aspects to costs and location – but usually, the choice comes down to personal preference. Be sure to clarify the wishes of the deceased by speaking with friends and family or share your wishes with your loved ones in time for your earthly departure.


Whether you’re looking into funeral costs Perth for yourself or funeral homes Perth for a loved one, it can be a difficult topic to get your head around. Working with an experienced funeral director in Perth means access to help, support, and guidance at each turn, while helping curate the custom service you desire.

Are Perth cremations the best choice for you?

A cremation involves the body being placed in a cremator, inside a cardboard container, at temperatures of around 850-980°C. After 1-2 hours, the clarified ash remains are placed in a sealed container before being passed on to the family by funeral directors in Perth WA

where they’re typically scattered or saved.


  • Affordable – typically cost much less than a burial.
  • Direct cremations Perth allow great flexibility for time and money
  • Suitable for deaths that occur abroad
  • More eco-friendly than standard burial
  • Ashes can be moved wherever you wish


  • Large carbon footprint
  • Not suitable for certain religions

Considering a traditional burial

Classic burial processes, as offered by Perth Cremations and Burials, are familiar to most. The body is prepared and dressed, sealed in a coffin, and placed below ground in a cemetery after a curated service by trusted Perth funeral directors.


  • Offers a secure, permanent resting place where loved ones can visit
  • Green funerals, or eco-burials, are highly environmentally conscious
  • The best funeral directors in Perth can offer personal memorial services before the burial


  • Funeral costs in Perth can be expensive for burials
  • The inclusion of grave sites, headstones, and body preparation is not affordable for some people

Meaningful services with Perth Cremations and Burials

Taking the time to decide on the perfect send-off is a great gift for loved ones, providing clarity and assurance during a difficult time. As long-standing providers of emphatic services by trusted funeral directors Perth WA, the team at Perth Cremations and Burials are here to help make each service loving and meaningful.


With a reputation as the best funeral director in Perth, you can trust our expertise to help curate the best send-off for your needs. Contact us to discuss any queries, or call our funeral homes in Perth to arrange your pre-paid funeral today.

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