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Documentation Needed for Funeral Planning

Why Writing a Will is So Important

May 19, 2022

At its core, a will is a record of your wishes. Rather than being an intimidating chore, it’s a chance to reflect upon your life and determine how you want your personal property to be managed in the event of your passing.

Writing your will ahead of time holds a lot of value, giving you ample time to consider its inclusions. Working with an experienced funeral director in Perth is a great way to ensure your physical remains are handled as you wish, but it’s imperative to give finances and belongings the same consideration.

This guide outlines key areas to consider when writing a will and how to record requests correctly to avoid confusion for family members after Perth cremations, or funeral services.

Taking care of family

One of the first areas people think about when preparing to write a will is family. For some, this means nominating relatives or close friends to act as guardians for their children. Consider choosing those who your children have a bond with, are able to take on this serious role, and hold the same values as you. You can include guidelines for how your children will be raised and specific wishes for their education, finances, and more.

Another aspect is appointing an executor for your will, who’s responsible for managing your estate post-funeral services in Perth. It’s advised to choose a beneficiary of your will so they have a keen interest, as well as someone you trust implicitly, making family an obvious choice for many. 

Managing your assets

Detailing your assets and how you wish them to be dealt with is the most time-consuming element of a will. Valuable assets like property or cars require all owners to be identified (eg. spouse, business partner) – if real estate is jointly owned, it doesn’t need to be included as the surviving party automatically inherits.

Beneficiaries are those who receive gifts or shares of your residuary estate, typically family members and charities, with their names and details essential to include. Your residuary estate is what’s left after debts and expenses for burials or cremations in Perth.

Don’t forget about items that hold personal or emotional value, as grandchildren or relatives cherish family heirlooms or special keepsakes. 

The value of dedicated Perth funeral directors

Determining your wishes for Perth cremation or burials is typically done when writing a will. Whether you wish to work with an experienced funeral director in Perth to pre-plan your funeral, or not, this is a good time to clarify details for your loved ones, as well as choose whether to be an organ donor.

Working with knowledgeable Perth funeral directors means benefiting from their transparent insight into this special time in your life, helping you choose between a formal burial service or a cremation ceremony.


Choosing caring funeral homes in Perth 

Perth Cremations and Burials are one of the most knowledgeable funeral homes in Perth, providing empathetic services that follow the personal wishes of the deceased. Choose between beautiful burial service from a knowledgeable funeral director in Perth, or one of our special packages for unique cremations in Perth.

Contact Perth Cremations and Burials today to discuss planning funeral services in Perth or any unique request you may have.

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