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How to ensure that your funeral is more eco friendly

November 26, 2021

The many traditions our society holds around funerals are important facets of dealing with grief and loss, as well as ensuring your lost loved one receives a fitting farewell. As valuable as these customs are, an increased awareness of the environmental factors surrounding how we dispose of the dead means many are searching for more eco-friendly options.


Many key facets of burials and cremations are bad for the earth, due to the huge amount of metal, concrete, and wood placed in the ground, and the large amount of fuel used for a cremation. Opting for eco friendly funerals Perth means caring for the environment, without sacrificing any of the love and meaning connected to traditional funeral services. 

Natural burials 

One key way to arrange a ‘green’ funeral is a natural burial. Whether you’re considering options for yourself or for a loved one, arranging sustainable funerals Perth simply means no harmful materials or toxic chemicals are involved, without affecting the meaningful service.


Removing the use of embalming fluids allows the natural decomposition of the body and eco-coffin in the ground, with no unnecessary cement or steel left to sit in the ground from a burial vault. Pesticide-free pest management ensures no animals will disturb the body. This considered use of materials makes for a more affordable funeral, that looks after the environment as well as the precious body of your loved one.

Choose a sustainable urn

While eco-friendly funerals Perth are more sustainable than a cremation service, there are key steps you can take to increase the ‘green’ by choosing a biodegradable urn. Selecting one made from natural materials like sustainable wood or coconut shell means using a unique urn that is safe for the environment.


Option for cremation does mean removing the need for a casket, thereby preventing trees being cut down, but some crematoriums still use wood for the cremation process, which in turn results in harmful chemicals being released from the body. Choose a provider that focuses on environmentally safe methods for eco friendly funerals Perth wherever possible. 

Arrange a green service

As well as selecting the most environmentally friendly method for disposing of the body, arranging sustainable funerals Perth also means focusing on the finer details. Even if you cannot choose a natural burial or eco-coffin for a particular reason, you can still incorporate effective green practices into the service.


Forego flowers, or source from local organic grower, and arrange food and refreshments from sustainable, local providers. Consider digital programs, or use recycled paper and dispose of them correctly afterwards. Cars are a huge polluter, so you could request all guests carpool between locations or organise buses.

Responsible eco friendly funerals Perth

The value of leaving a positive, sustainable legacy is not lost on many modern Australians, making sustainable funerals Perth an increasingly popular option. Perth Cremations and Burials are dedicated to creating green funerals in all manner of affordable packages – including natural burials and biodegradable urns, as well as arranging any other requested environmentally-friendly practices.


To learn more about our eco-friendly practices, or how to include sustainable elements into your funeral or cremation service, simply get in touch today to speak to a friendly member of our team.

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