Documentation Needed for Funeral Planning  

Planning funerals can be a particularly trying time for all of us emotionally. Yet in addition to all the complex arrangements that go into a funeral service – to make sure it’s a fitting tribute to a life lost – there is also involved important administrative work having to do with formalising that a person is deceased, and formally notifying the authorities.

We at Perth Cremations wish to ensure that you have the smoothest time when organising the funeral of a loved one. We will ensure that all the correct documentation is organised and provided to the relevant authorities.

Here is a list of the required documentation needed for funeral planning.

What We Need From You  

Funeral arrangements, including burial and cremation, cannot be completed until a death certificate has been issued by the relevant authorities, and other forms have been properly filled out.

If the death has occurred in a medical facility, then a death certificate will be issued by the attending staff. If the death is unexpected or does not occur in a medical facility, an ambulance or physician must be called so that a qualified physician can issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

There will be circumstances in which an autopsy must be performed – for instance if the death is unexpected or occurs in surgery. The body will be held by the Office of the State Coroner until the cause of death has been properly ascertained and the death certificate issued.

The staff at Perth Cremations will be able to organise this process for you and arrange the proper transfer of the body.

You will be required to provide the following information to Perth Cremations:

  • Full name, address, occupation, and religious status of your loved one
  • Date and place of birth
  • Years of residence in Australia
  • Father’s full name, and mother’s full name and maiden surname
  • Place, date and full name of spouse(s) for all marriages, whether living or deceased
  • Full names and ages of all children living and deceased

At Perth Cremations we are aware of the sensitivity of such information, and all information shall remain strictly confidential. All documentation requested is for the purposes of ensuring the proper legal handling of a burial service.

In the Case of Cremations  

In the case of a cremation rather than burial, there is required additional documentation in addition to the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

For cremations there is also required:

  • Certificate from a medical practitioner who attended the deceased prior to death
  • Permit to cremate, signed by a medical referee

Perth Cremations will be able to assist you in making the proper arrangements for organising required documentation.


At Perth Cremations we have personal experience in the traumas, difficulties, and expenses involved in planning a funeral for a loved one. We will do everything we can to make this process as smooth, comfortable, and affordable a process as possible. We put families over profits. Do not hesitate to contact us today for a free quote.