Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Emanuele and welcome to Perth Funerals and Cremations. After spending years in the funeral industry I have made it my goal to ensure that you and your loved ones are treated with the upmost dignity and respect.

Here at Perth Cremations we understand that everyone has different values, expectations and budgets.

Thinking back to when my father passed away from cancer, as a family we were completely unprepared and unaware of the enormous cost of a funeral.

My poor Dad had suffered for many months and that had taken a large toll on Mum’s savings. When Dad passed away there wasn’t a lot of money left.

We quickly realised that with the cost many of the big companies were charging we needed to take out a bank loan just for a simple funeral or ask other family members for help, which can often be very difficult to do.

Unfortunately, Mum had to make some hard decisions and cut back on some of the special things she really wanted for Dad’s funeral. Not having the money needed at the time made Mum feel like she had failed Dad. (Only years later did I work out that most funeral homes are public listed companies, and there sole purpose is shareholder profits.)

At Perth Cremations I have made it my mission to ensure that everyone has the right to say goodbye to their loved ones without being placed into the difficult situation that my Mum found herself in.

It is not our policy to take advantage of our clients at a time when they are the most vulnerable and in many cases have often been through the most traumatic experience in their lives.

We do understand, however, that everyone copes differently with the loss of a loved one and our experienced team of staff will do everything we can to make the funeral arrangements as easy and stress free as possible. That is why I am the first funeral company to offer an Online Funeral Arrangement Service. For more info/details about our ONLINE FUNERALS SERVICE, please click here or call our office and we will assist you.