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We understand that the cost of organising a funeral can be overwhelming and the added financial stress can often be too much to bear, this is why we pride ourselves on always putting people before profits!

Voted #1 in quality, family-owned Perth Cremations offers full Funeral Packages starting at just $1495 + cemetery fee…Finally, the Quality Funeral Service Your Loved One Deserves — at an Affordable Price, Guaranteed

Our Promise to You. If you’re not 100% satisfied we’ll refund your money and complete the funeral FREE of charge.


Would you pay over $3000 more for the Identical Brand New Car from a car dealership just because they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising?  Of course you wouldn’t!!  So why pay over $3000 more for the SAME exceptional funeral service with the SAME inclusions that both Perth Cremations and the big name Funeral Homes offer?  You shouldn’t!!


Unattended Cremations at a truly unbeatable price of $2400 – Voted #1 for the best value funerals in Perth.

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1hr in our funeral home with your loved one in a relaxed surrounding with light refreshments in the chapel lounge for $3600
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Attended Services at our funeral home inclusive of 1.5hrs of chapel hire with light refreshments following the service for $4600Read More
Full Burial service at church or chapel of choice followed by a graveside internment service at any metro cemetery from $6695 incl GST (plus Grant fee).Read More

All Areas – Pinnaroo - Fremantle - Karrakatta Cemetery

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Unbeatable price – Cemetery Service for well under $6000

How do we compare?

Service/ProductPerth Cremations
$5500 includes:
“Big Brand” Funeral Companies
$8800 includes:
Initial contact (phone or email) with Funeral Director Receptionist
24/7 Transfer of your loved one into our care (Metro Area)
Wash, Dress & Prep of deceased
‘Swan Range’ of Stepped Lid Coffin – (choice of teak, rosewood or white) – Standard Size (Oversized from $165)
All relevant Certificates and Permits
Funeral Service at Cemetery Chapel of Choice (Pinnaroo, Karrakatta or Fremantle)
Funeral Service at Chrurch, Chapel or Venue of Choice (Metro Area) +$220
Cremation and Cemetery Fees
Professional Funeral Celebrant (or Priest, Minister, Monk of Choice) to conduct service
Choice from large coffin spray of flowers (2/3 of coffin lid covered) +$600-$800
Transfer of deceased to Church, Chapel or Venue of Choice by Hearse
Embalming for Viewing (*if required). *Majority of bodies don’t require embalming and family will be notified if this is necessary for a viewing. +$550 +$1800
1/2 Hour Viewing at Funeral Home prior to Funeral Service +$220
Funeral Notice in the West Australian +$150-$300
DVD Photo Tribute +$250 +$330
Limousine Hire (10 seater – 3 hours) +$750 +$990
Attendance Cards, Music for Service, Sprigs of Rosemary for Reflection Time +$0.30 per Rosemary Sprig

How do we do it?

  • We are a family owned business – NOT owned by a publicly listed company where shareholders profits are their priority.
  • Our mark-ups on inclusions are modest and are LESS THAN HALF the 200%-300% mark-ups the Big Brand Funeral Homes apply to the cost of products and services.
  • Our overheads are low as we have one Funeral Home at one location and come to you for your convenience, rather than having multiple sites with multiple rents, staff and other expenses to cover.
  • We don’t spend Hundreds of Thousands or Dollars on advertising but rely on word of mouth from our satisfied customers.

These coffins and flower arrangements are standard with all packages

Perth Funerals WA Oak Coffin Perth Funerals Perth Memorials White Coffin

These coffins are valued at over $2500 and are standard with all attended service packages

Perth Cremations Flower arrangements

We have a choice of over 10 flower arrangements as well as Australian natives when in season. These flowers represent actual sizes of each arrangement.

Funerals Perth Perth Funerals Flower Arrangements Perth Funerals Flower Arrangements

Funerals PerthOur Funeral celebrant is a trained celebrant and not one of our staff members. He will personally meet with the family and spend a couple of hours gathering information. Each service is personalised with poems & readings which may be appropriate.

A script is then written an emailed to the family for their approval.

During reflection time we always have the use of rosemary to allow those who attend to participate in the service. As a special touch a bowl of tears can also be added to help say goodbye.

Perth-FuneralsThis Package is inclusive of:

  • 24hr transfer into our care (no additional after hour charge)
  • Wash, dress and prep of the body
  • Funeral notice in the West Australian
  • Government death certificate
  • Our Funeral celebrant, minister or Priest
  • 1hr chapel hire at Pinnaroo, Fremantle or Karrakatta cemetery
  • Private family viewing if required
  • Permit to cremate
  • Music
  • Late model hearse
  • Attendance cards
  • Cemetery fees
  • Raised Lid Coffin as pictured – Flowers as pictured


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*A full credit assessment will be conducted prior to acceptance of any offer or product. Speak to NOW Finance for full disclosure of fees, charges, terms and conditions.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one and are beginning the painful process of preparing a funeral service, you may have encountered any one of these difficulties along the way:

  • Astronomical funeral prices as high as $15,000—far beyond what you expected or can reasonably afford.
  • Steadily growing skepticism for cold, distant service or relentless upselling (are you really ‘just another number’ to them?)
  • Wondering: “Exactly how much do I need to overpay?” …just to get the proper funeral your loved one deserves
  • Panic and overwhelm from the countless tasks in preparing the funeral (how to handle all this work and cope with your grief at the same time?)

Preparation for the farewell of your loved one shouldn’t have to be so difficult—should it?

Absolutely not.

At a time like this, you deserve a Funeral Home who takes every step to making your life easier. You need a Funeral Home you can trust… One that will come to your aid with compassion, and will not try to take advantage of you.


So before choosing, make sure you’ve found the right Funeral Home who can serve your family’s most important needs:

  • Together, building a beautiful and personalized ceremony—one that truly celebrates the life of your loved one
  • The importance of keeping costs down while providing a complete service at an affordable price
  • Peace of mind—Knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed (no exceptions) at every step of the way
  • From start to finish, treating you and your family with the tenderness and respect you deserve
  • Total transparency… honesty… and flexibility when discussing price, and all other important aspects of the funeral
  • Full and uncompromised support from a team of highly-trained and friendly professionals who handle your family’s situation gently and with discretion

Would you believe that all of this is possible from a Funeral Home? Here at Perth Cremations we don’t just promise you this, it’s our guarantee.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our service, we’ll refund your money and complete your funeral FREE of charge.

As a result, Perth Cremations is now recognised as the #1 Funeral Home in Perth.

Coffin Upgrade

Exclusive: FREE Premium Coffin Upgrade (Valued at $2500)

With your funeral service, receive a free coffin upgrade TODAY with any of our funeral packages—yours completely free of charge.

Exclusive: Silver Cremation Package (Only $1595*)

Our Silver Cremation Package provides comprehensive coverage for your loved one’s unattended cremation service at a truly unbeatable price.

*Silver Cremation Package pricing excludes standard cemetery fees

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Our passion drives us to give you the most affordable yet complete Funeral Packages in the Perth Metropolitan area. With Perth Cremations, you can always be sure of one thing: We’ll help you lay your loved one to rest, with a beautiful funeral service that won’t cost you the earth.

My sincere thanks for the service which you provided to my family on the death of my brother. We live in NSW while he lived in WA so we had to organize everything long distance. I was impressed by your empathy, promptness in response to enquiries and efficiency. Your fee was very reasonable and it seemed that you were on call 24/7 which given the time difference proved extremely important. I can unreservedly recommend your service and thank you for your consideration and look forward to receiving Alan’s ashes.


In fact, we’re often able to provide Funeral Packages for less than HALF the cost of larger competitors… without sacrificing quality.  Here’s how we do it:

  • Perth Cremations is genuinely family-owned and operated. While other Funeral Homes retain their founders’ names, most of these businesses were bought out long ago by larger companies. Their top priority? Shareholder Profits… which means charging you more. At Perth Cremations, we maintain that people are most important—and so we price affordably.
  • We use alternative advertising. In our efforts to reach our customers, we avoid using expensive TV or Radio advertising. This can add as much as $3000 to the price of your funeral. When we use alternative advertising channels, we’re able to pass these savings on to you.
  • A quality coffin at wholesale price. You’ll find the same beautiful coffins at Perth Cremations that you’ll find at other funeral providers—but without the high price tag. Why’s this? Because Perth Cremations is a direct importer of quality coffins. This means you’ll get your coffin at wholesale price and avoid the usual 300% to 400% markup (saving you thousands).


As for the service I was very pleased, as was the family and guests who passed many comments during the condolence period and afterwards at home, that really did reflect admirably on the professionalism and sensitivity of your handling of the service.
Peter R
I recommend Perth cremations to anyone who likes to leave everything to the experts. Thank you so much for everything.


In searching for the right Funeral Home, choose the one that looks after your family’s best interests. Don’t settle for high prices pushed by hard-sellers. Do you really need an exorbitant funeral to say farewell to your loved one?

Please don’t fall victim to this misbelief.

Perth Cremations in the only Funeral Home in Perth that can offer you the perfect balance of quality service and affordable pricing. Let us help you. With our extensive experience, you can trust us to relieve you of all the hard work… and deliver you the funeral your loved one deserves.

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Paul was an amazing celebrant, thank you for coordinating that for us. The time he spent on the phone with us talking through each part of the funeral in detail prepared us for the day and he really made it special with the way he ran the service. I’ll be sure to pass on your details to anyone who may need it going forward.